as stated on the index, this is a
passion project of mine.
this was started when i decided to rent my own vps
for an icecast server. i wanted to stream video, and
didn't like the limited amount of flexibility i got
with traditional streaming platforms.
now that i had an icecast server, i decided to figure out some things to
do with it. i ultimately decided to start up my own internet radio
station, as i had a growing interest in the world of radio. i chose a
fusion between an alternative and pop format at first to replicate
college radio stations in my area (kmsc and kbvu come to mind). i then
decided to shift to a more rock-based format, as while pop music is
plentiful, good rock is relatively fringe in my area.
the page about the best rock in
as for eas, my local area includes the counties served by weather radio
transmitter wxl62. i relay weather and civil alerts for northwest iowa,
northeast nebraska, and extreme southeast south dakota. additional
alerts are relayed via the gwes/ern relay network.
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